Sasaki crescent Half-Shoes #156


Sizes: S4: 30/31; S3: 32/33; S2: 34/35; S: 36/37; M: 38/39; L: 40/41; L2: 42/43


Round-cut demi shoes that make the instep more beautiful!

While maintaining the softness of stretch-knit socks, round-cut cuffs are used to make the top of the foot more attractive. A simple design with a logo placed on the bottom of the foot.

・The color on the screen and the actual color may differ slightly.
・Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.

S2: 16.0-19.0cm
S: 19.0cm-22.0cm
M: 22.0cm-24.0cm
L: 24.0cm-25.0cm

Additional information

Weight0,200 kg

S2: 16,0-19,0 cm, S: 19,0-22,0 cm, M: 23-23,5 cm, L: 24-24,5 cm, L2: 25-25,5 cm


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