Rhinestone sticker for clubs with 5mm stones – 1 pair


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SPORT-ADHESIF has specially designed exclusively these strips of adhesive rhinestones to subtly decorate the interior of the groove of the body of a rhythmic gymnastics club. It is strongly recommended to use the transparent and double-sided adhesive tab to join the 2 ends of the ribbon (see the video attached to the product or on our YouTube channel for the detailed TUTO) to avoid any detachment during your sports manipulations.

These adhesive strips will fit:

-to your clubs and other objects with slightly conical surfaces.


– Before using this sticker, ensure that the surface to be decorated is clean, dry and dust-free.

– Press and firmly press the sticker on the surface to be decorated, it is even slightly stretchable and adjustable.

– Do not wash, do not twist and once laid, do not take off again.



STRASS in adhesive tape, can be cut with scissors as needed.

It consists of 2 rows of 5mm rhinestones arranged in staggered and parallel. 54 rhinestones on 16 cm long, elaborated to decorate the furrow of 1 club. Count about 13 to 16 cm for 1 club furrow, depending on the brands).

The adhesive tape holder is glitter (glitter) between each rhinestone to increase the glitter effects. Enhance your creation by adding this rhinestone adhesive that will finish your decoration in style.


Thickness: 1,5 mm.

Width: 1,1 cm. Length: 16 cm.

With paper support.

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