Chacott Infinity Ribbon 5m And 6m FIG


FIG Approved.


A more vivid design has been achieved with the original inkjet double-sided printing process.

The ribbon that can be manipulated with flexible processing and supple movement with moderate air resistance.

Sewn with antistatic thread to suppress static electricity due to friction.

Size: 5m or more, 6m or more; width 5cm.

Weight: 30g or more (for 5m), 35g or more (for 6m).

Material: Rayon.

Country of origin: Japan.

Color: 621 hyacinth, 623 turquoise blue, 655 raspberry, 664 marigold, 668 bamboo, 670 iris, 672 lavender, 677 purple.

FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) and Japan Gymnastics Association Senior Regulation Adapted Size.

Precautions for use:

– Do not iron the mark at both ends of the ribbon, as it will peel off.

– Washing shrinks due to the characteristics of the material, so washing is not possible (it will be a non-standard size).

– Care should be taken when handling the product if it is left in a place exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight for a long time, as it may cause discoloration.

– Follow the instructions of the coach and do not use it for any purpose other than Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Additional information

Weight0,100 kg

5 m, 6 m


621. Hyacinth, 623. Turquoise Blue, 655. Raspberry, 664. Marigold, 668. Bamboo, 670. Iris, 672. Lavender, 677. Purple


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