Sasaki washable Half-Shoes #157


Sizes: S4: 30/31; S3: 32/33; S2: 34/35; S: 36/37; M: 38/39; L: 40/41; L2: 42/43


Half-shoes made from a new material that is durable and washable.

A classic model that is easy to wear, and the insole is antibacterial and odor resistant.

*When washing, please put it in a net, adjust its shape and dry it in the shade.

*As foot width varies from person to person, we recommend choosing a larger size.
*If you are wearing an inner layer, it may feel tight unless the size is larger than what you would wear with bare feet, so we recommend that you consider carefully when choosing the size.

●The color on the screen and the actual color may differ slightly.
●Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.


S4: 19,0-19,5 cm

S3: 20,0-20,5 cm

S2: 21,0-21,5 cm

S: 22,0-22,5 cm

M: 23-23,5 cm

L: 24-24,5 cm

L2: 25-25,5 cm

Additional information

Weight0,200 kg

S4: 19,0-19,5 cm, S3: 20,0-20,5 cm, S2: 21,0-21,5 cm, S: 22,0-22,5 cm, M: 23-23,5 cm, L: 24-24,5 cm, L2: 25-25,5 cm


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