Chacott Rubber Interconnectable Clubs FIG


FIG Approved.

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A rubber club that is safe and does not hurt your body or the floor.

Looks great with the combination color! Easy to catch!

Shock-absorbing material (elastomer) prevents it from bouncing even if dropped.

Does not easily damage the gymnasium floor.

Hard joint suitable for smooth performance.

This product will be discontinued as soon as the stock runs out. Please note.

Size: 410mm / 455mm.

Weight: 150g or more.

Material: Shaft – FRPP (fiber reinforced plastic); both end parts: elastomer (low resilience, soft plastic).

Color: 034 White x Sea Green, 050 White x Coral, 134 Black x Sea Green, 143 Black x Pink, 150 Black x Coral, 177 Black x Purple, 183 Black x Orange, 209 Pink x Black, 262 Pink x Canary.

FIG approved.

Country of origin: Japan.

We can not accept returns or exchanges due to damage due to use other than rhythmic gymnastics mats.

Additional information

Weight0,500 kg

034. White x Sea Green, 050. White x Coral, 134. Black x Sea Green, 143. Black x Pink, 150. Black x Coral, 177. Black x Purple, 183. Black x Orange, 209. Pink x Black, 262. Pink x Canary


41 cm, 45,5 cm


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