Chacott Ribbon 5m And 6m FIG


FIG Approved.


A ribbon with bright plain colors that enhances your performance.
The “soft finish” with flexible processing – ribbon that can be flexibly moved and manipulated at will with just the right amount of air resistance.

Size: 5m or more; 6m or more. Width: 5cm.

Weight: 30g or more.

Material: Rayon.

Color: 000 White, 023 Turquoise Blue, 025 Blue, 034 Sea Green, 043 Pink, 052 Red, 062 Canary, 077 Purple, 083 Orange.

Country of origin: Japan.

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5 m, 6 m


000. White, 023. Turquoise Blue, 025. Blue, 034. Sea Green,  043. Pink, 052. Red, 062. Canary, 077. Purple, 083. Orange


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