Chacott Glitter Hi-Grip Rubber Interconnectable Clubs FIG


FIG Approved.

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By applying a special coating to the shaft part of the rubber club, it feels moist in your hand and reduces the chance of missed catches.

Rubber club that is safe and does not hurt your body or the floor.

Looks great with the combination color! Easy to catch!

Shock-absorbing material (elastomer) prevents it from bouncing even if dropped. Fewer points deducted from the venue due to falls!

Size: 410mm/455mm.

Weight: 150g or more.

Material: Shaft: FRPP (fiber reinforced plastic). Both ends: Elastomer (low repulsion · soft plastic)

Color: 123 Turquoise Blue, 133 Leaf Green, 137 Emerald Green, 143 Pink, 158 Garnet, 174 Violet, 198 Silver, 199 Gold.

We can not accept returned goods/exchanges due to damage etc. due to use other than for rhythmic gym mats.

Additional information

Weight0,500 kg

123. Turquoise Blue, 133. Leaf Green, 137. Emerald Green, 143. Pink, 158. Garnet, 174. Violet, 198. Silver, 199. Gold


41 cm, 45,5 cm


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