Chacott Gym Ball FIG


FIG Approved.

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Color paint with a beautiful luster and moist feeling.

Improved technology has achieved a higher tackiness that feels smoother in the hand.

Size: Diameter 185mm / 400g or more.

Color: 000 White, 022 Saxophone Blue, 032 Lime Green, 047 Cherry Pink, 052 Red, 062 Canary , 074 Violet, 083 Orange.

Material: Rubber.

It may be delivered with a moderate amount of air removed. In that case, please adjust the amount of air to your preference.

Country of origin: China.

Additional information

Weight0,400 kg

000 White, 022 Saxophone Blue, 028 Ultramarine, 032 Lime Green, 043 Pink, 047 Cherry Pink, 052 Red, 062 Canary, 074 Violet, 083 Orange


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