Chacott Gradation Ribbon 4m


FIG Approved.


Ribbon with vivid gradation colors that brings out the dynamic performance.

The ribbon has been processed to be flexible and has a “soft finish” that allows it to move flexibly with just the right amount of air resistance and can be manipulated at will.

Sewn with anti-static thread to prevent static electricity from being generated due to friction.

Size: 4 m or more, width 5 cm.

Color: 722 Sax Blue, 762 Canary, 778 Plum, 796 Rainbow.

Material: Rayon.

Country of origin: Japan.


Precautions for use:

– Since the total length is of standard size, it can not be cutted.

– Do not iron the manufacturer mark logo on the tip of the ribbon.

– Because of the characteristics of the material washing and shrinking, you can not wash (it will be out of regulation size).

– Because it is dyed with a special dying machine, the finish of dye is unique for each unit.

– If you leave it in a place exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight for a long time it will cause discoloration, so please handle it carefully.

– Do not use for purposes other than Rhythmic Gymnastics as instructed by the leader.

Additional information

Weight0,100 kg

722. Sax Blue, 762. Canary, 778. Plum, 796. Rainbow


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