Pro-Balancer Jame-Balancer

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With Jame-Balancer you can combine balance, muscle fitness and gym exercises.

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    Silvery spinner

  • Height: 2cm
  • Length: 27cm
  • Width: 8/10cm
  • Weight: 235g
    Pink spinner

  • Height: 2,5cm
  • Length: 27cm
  • Width: 8/10cm
  • Weight: 250g

In balance exercises place Jame-Balancer under your feet (one or both), palms, elbows or buttocks. You can also use various sport specific equipment while doing Jame-Balancer exercises.

There are two kinds of Jame-Balancers available. Maintaining your balance is easier on a silver coloured balancer whilst the pink balancer is more challenging.

“The possibilities of Jame-Balancer are only limited by your imagination!”

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Weight 0.300 kg

Silver, Pink


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