Pastorelli High Vision GLITTER ball FIG


PASTORELLI New Generation Glitter Gym Ball HIGH VISION – PASTORELLI monochromatic GLITTER gym ball, FIG type-approved. Technical features: With glitter; High grip; Extremely nice appearence; Made of very soft rubber and bounces even with small exerted force; Excellent shape that keeps it free of vibrations when thrown and rolled; Available in several colours • Internal air chamber F.I.G. type-approved, diam. cm 18,5, weight 400-430 gr.



PASTORELLI monochromatic GLITTER gym ball, F.I.G. approved.

Diameter: 18 cm.

Weight: from 400 to 430 g.

Used at 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Technical features:

  • With glitter.
  • High grip.
  • Extremely nice appearence.
  • Made of very soft rubber and bounces with small exerted force.
  • Excellent shape that keeps it free of vibrations when thrown and rolled.
  • Available in several colours.
  • Separate Internal air chamber.

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 cm

Holographic white HV, Silver AB HV, African sunset HV, Brass HV, Gold HV, Honey HV, Fluo yellow HV, Orange HV, Red orange HV, Coral HV, Red HV, Strawberry HV, Raspberry HV, Baby raspberry HV, King magenta HV, Fluo pink HV, Fluo baby pink HV, Light pink HV, Baby pink HV, Lilac AB HV, Baby lilac HV, Malaysia AB HV, Blue zircon HV, Emerald HV, Green HV, Lime HV, Petroleum green HV, Beetle HV, Navy blue HV, Blue HV, Ocean blue HV, Blue sapphire HV, Light blue HV, Wisteria HV, Galaxy AB HV, Galaxy HV, Black HV


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