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Sophisticated accessory designed for storing and transporting modern gymnastics equipment. It mainly contains a system of pockets, small bags and various compartments allowing careful and rational distribution of all equipment essential for training and performances.

On the front of the backpack, there are two foldable zipped pockets, inside which smaller pockets without zippers are hidden.

In the main part of the backpack, there are two pockets and a bottle compartment. The inside can fit a large volume of objects. It can easily accommodate a gymnastic ball, two pairs of sports shoes, training clothes, a jumping rope and a lunch box.

On the back part, there is a “secret” compartment for personal documents. It is secret because the zip locker is hidden under the strap and it is not easy to unzip it without anyone noticing. You can hide your tablet or a small laptop inside. Your device will be safe, as the back part of the backpack is reinforced with a firm and soft material.

The form of the backpack is asymmetric, which is perfect for storing long objects: clubs are placed in the side pocket and ribbon can be put in a narrow pocket in the back part of the backpack.

A small zipped bag on the reverse side can be used to store small objects: keys, smartphone, camera, etc.
As the modern gymnastics backpack is, after all, a backpack, the design is primarily created with comfort in mind. Anatomical and soft straps are equipped with a connecting strip which brings the backpack closer to the wearer’s back and serves as a handle when the backpack is carried in hand.
Apart from these features, our backpack is also very visually pleasing and unique.

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